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Did you know that the fat cells we spend time and money trying to get rid of are actually vital to how our bodies function? The problem isn’t with the fat cells themselves; it is often a problem of enlarged fat cells.

With the non-invasive, safe laser fat loss technology Zerona Z6, Restore Wellness Center in Sudbury, MA can target fat cells and shrink them instead of killing them and harming how they work to keep our bodies safe and healthy.

Laser fat loss can slim down your arms, waist, pecs, back, thighs, hips, ankles, and more. Schedule a consultation with Restore Wellness Center to discuss your goals for fat loss!

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Why try Laser Fat Loss in Sudbury, MA?



Laser fat loss is applied externally, making it a non-invasive alternative to surgical weight loss.


No Downtime

Due to its non-invasive nature, you can go about your day normally after treatment. 


No Side Effects

Not just fast and easy, it's also entirely side-effect free. You will not experience bruising, swelling, or pain from laser fat loss treatment.

The Whole Body Vibration Process

What to Expect?


Before your laser fat loss treatment at Restore Wellness Center, we will start with a consultation to ensure this is the best procedure to match your needs. We'll discuss your specific areas of concern and if you're a good candidate. Once we determine if laser fat loss is the best treatment for you, we'll book your appointment and create a custom treatment plan. 

Laser Fat Loss Treatment

During treatment, you will lie on a comfortable table in a private treatment room. Your laser specialist will gently apply the 6 adjustable heads of the Zerona Z6 technology to your treatment area. The laser will target the fat cells and cause fatty liquids to drain out of the cell that will then be processed naturally by your lymphatic system. 

Next Steps

After your treatment, we will provide you with post-care instructions, answer any questions you have, and schedule your next treatment session. 

Prior to Your Laser Fat Loss Treatment in Sudbury, MA, Restore Wellness Center Recommends:
  • Eat and Drink. Follow a low-fat/low-carb diet and drink at least 2 liters of water 24 hours before treatment.
  • Wear Loose Clothing. Wear cotton clothing so that we can easily access the treatment area.
  • No Metal. Do not wear any metal, including bras with underwires.
Following Your Laser Fat Loss Treatment in Sudbury, MA, Restore Wellness Center Recommends:
  • 24 Hours After. Avoid eating high-fat meals in the first day after your treatment.
  • 72 Hours After. Have only one cup of coffee per day, limit sugar, and do not drink alcohol. We also recommend at least 30 minutes of cardio activity during the 72 hours after treatment.

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