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Extremity Adjusting in Sudbury

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It’s just a fact: body pain impacts daily life. This is especially true when present in our joints and limbs. Thankfully, there are non-medicinal ways to alleviate the pain in our joints: chiropractic techniques. Contrary to many beliefs, chiropractic techniques don’t start at the neck and end with the spine; they can be used to manipulate and mobilize all the joints in our bodies.

At Restore Wellness Center in Sudbury, MA, we achieve this through manual therapy, an extremity-adjusting technique. Instead of using chiropractic machinery, a practitioner manually adjusts extremities using skilled hand movements to manipulate the affected soft tissue and joints.

Extremity Adjusting in Sudbury


What it Treats

Joints in upper extremity: fingers, wrists, elbows, and shoulders
Joints in lower extremity: toes, ankles, knees, and hips

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Sessions Needed/Results Duration



Why try extremity adjusting in Sudbury, MA?


Improve Body Mechanics

Extremity adjusting helps your mobility and movement, whether you're walking, standing, sitting, or bending. 


Reduce Pain

Your practitioner will uncover nerve pathways and adjust the affected areas to reduce pain. 


Promote Overall Health

Extremity adjusting strengthens muscles, reduces inflammation, corrects nerve issues, and boosts energy levels.  

The Extremity Adjusting Process

What to Expect?


Prior to your extremity edjusting treatment at Restore Wellness Center in Sudbury, MA, we will start with a consultation to ensure this is the best procedure to match your needs. We'll discuss your joint pain concerns and treatment goals. Once we determine this is the best approach for you, we'll book your appointment and create a custom treatment plan. 

Extremity Adjusting Treatment

During your session, your practitioner will have you lie down and get comfortable. Your practitioner will begin using various hands-on techniques to manipulate the treatment area's soft tissue, nerves, and joints. They will communicate with you throughout the session to make sure the pressure they apply is tolerable.  

Next Steps

After your session, you will be able to discuss how you feel with your practitioner, ask questions, and schedule any follow-up sessions needed.

Prior to your extremity adjusting treatment in Sudbury, Restore Wellness Center recommends:
  • Eat and Drink. Eat a light, healthy meal high in protein before your appointment, and drink plenty of water in the few days leading up to your session.
  • Light Exercise. Go for a light walk prior to your appointment to loosen up your joints for your adjustment.
Following your extremity adjusting treatment in Sudbury, Restore Wellness Center recommends:
  • Follow Instructions. Your practitioner may give you stretching exercises or instructions for posture improvement to keep up with after your session.

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