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Adult Chiropractic in Sudbury, MA

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You’ve noticed that sitting hurts your back. So does standing—and walking and bending over and twisting. Or you have muscle aches but you can’t quite pinpoint why. Maybe numbness or tingling in some of your limbs. Or those awful tension headaches. All of these, whether recent developments, or associated with old injuries such as from a fall or from sports, can be addressed with adult chiropractic in Sudbury.

Chronic pain is, well—a real pain. And many Americans suffer from it, frequently in the neck, the lower back, and shoulders.  Most often it’s a sign of misalignment of the spine, which can both be caused by and be the cause of other issues in your body. A chiropractor understands your body isn’t just a set of symptoms to be treated separately. It’s a complete system, requiring holistic examination. Adult chiropractic treatment does just that, helping with the pain while healing at the source.

Adult Chiropractic in Sudbury


What it Treats

Low back pain
Neck Pain
Arthritic joint function
Muscle/ligament/joint injury
Musculoskeletal damage
Carpal tunnel
Musculoskeletal tension
Decreased immunity
Overall wellbeing

Treatment Time

15 to 45 minutes, depending on the location/number of adjustments


Female and Male
18 or older

Recovery & Downtime

Depending on the location and reason for your chiropractic adjustment, there may be no downtime at all. Several factors affect possible downtime/recovery time:

  • Your background
  • Your fitness level
  • The type/location of adjustment

Your chiropractor may suggest a few hours of rest, or a 1 to 2 day moratorium on heavy exertion, to let your musculoskeletal system realign itself before returning to exercise regimens.


Why try adult chiropractic in Sudbury, MA?



Adult chiropractic treatments do not usually require any medication, and are completely non-invasive. They help your body do what it naturally does best—only better!



Adult chiropractic is respected as a non-surgical, non-medicated treatment option for low back, neck, and other types of chronic pain.



According to a recent study, 92 percent of patients having adult chiropractic treatment achieved improvement in their pain management and alleviation.

*National Library of Medicine, article #PMC4307916

The Adult Chiropractic Process

What to Expect?


When you come to Restore Wellness Center for adult chiropractic in Sudbury, MA, your chiropractor will discuss your current pain, your medical history, and your current lifestyle. This way they have a full picture of what could be causing your pain, and what's stopping your body from healing it. You'll receive a treatment plan including the expected number of visits based on the issue at hand and its severity. When this consultation is complete, you will know how much time you can expect over the course of treatments, and what it will cost.


Over the course your adult chiropractic therapy, your chiropractor will adjust your spine and associated joints to get them back to acceptable function. You'll also receive personalized plans for exercises and dietary adjustments, plus insight & advice on posture, nutrition, and more. Each session lasts 15 to 45 minutes, including tracking your progress, and adjusting the home regimen as required. Afterwards, you can leave our Sudbury, MA office and continue your normal activities, though you'll likely be asked to avoid strenuous activities for at least a few hours to give your body time to welcome the adjustments.

Next Steps

As your treatment progresses, we’ll answer any and every question you have about your adult chiropractic care. During this time we'll also ensure that your treatment length is correct, since letting go of bad habits (slouching, lack of exercise, poor eating) can be truly hard, and you might have some setbacks. Progress is our measurement, but healing is our goal. That being said, the need for chiropractic isn't forever. We welcome you to schedule any follow-up appointments you need.

Before receiving adult chiropractic in Sudbury, MA from Restore Wellness Center, we recommend:
  • Dress for comfort. You may be lying on a table, face up or face down, for parts of your treatment. And you may be asked to complete certain movements to understand your range of mobility. Dress for movement and comfort.
  • Be honest during your assessment. Your chiropractor doesn’t judge. They seek to understand where you’re at physically, so that you can get to where you need to be for better health. We’ll do all we can to make you feel comfortable and safe.
  • List all your medications and supplements. This is truly important, because different combinations can cause different symptoms, and disguise the root problems you’re trying to address.
  • Expect the unexpected! We may do an adjustment on your first visit. If you hear a popping or “cracking” sound as the adjustment is done, don’t be concerned. That’s the sound of feeling better.
  • Ask questions. The more you understand your treatment’s techniques and how it works to achieve your wellness goals, the better you can help guide us to optimum results.
To properly care for and get the most out of adult chiropractic in Sudbury, MA, we recommend following after your sessions:
  • Hydrate. It’s important to drink water to not only support your systems and lubricate joints, but to help flush out toxins your body releases after chiropractic.
  • Keep moving. Being active helps blood flow and increases oxygenation throughout your body. Just keep it easy for at least a few hours. Ask your chiropractor about the length of time to let your body adjust.
  • Do your recommended exercises. Your chiropractor will give you a list of beneficial exercises that help your body have the strength to support the positive changes. Be sure to do them, otherwise your body could return to the posture/alignment that causes the pain in the first place.
  • Eat healthy. There are many processed foods that contribute to issues such as fatigue, joint pain, inflammation, and more. Be conscious of your diet, and eat what is not only nutritional, but beneficial to your goals.
  • Don’t sit for long periods. Sitting for hours wreaks havoc on your posture, and can cause blood flow issues in your legs and pelvic region. When you do sit, practice good posture. And get an adjustable-height desk or monitor stand so that you can stand or sit.

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