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Some patients looking for chiropractic adjustments are concerned about injury or discomfort due to visiting a chiropractor. Though the risk associated with manual chiropractic adjustments is low, we completely understand the anxiety.

Thankfully, with the advanced, computer-based chiropractic instrument adjusting system, Pro-Adjuster 360, the possibility of these risks disappears. If you have injured joints and misalignment, this instrument can quickly and gently detect these issues and send this information to your practitioner.

With that information, your practitioner will use the instrument to perform adjustments; the Pro-Adjuster 360 registers when your misalignment is corrected and stops the treatment at just the right time, which is not always something a chiropractor can detect.

The Treatment


What it Treats

Spine misalignment
Extremity joints

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed/Results Duration



Why try instrument adjusting in Sudbury, MA?


Safe & Effective

Instrument adjusting applies a light mechanical force, precisely identifying any vertebrae out of alignment. 



There is no application of manual rotation or thrusting forces, so you won't feel discomfort. 


No Sound

There are no "cracks" and "pops" you may dislike hearing during traditional manual adjustments. 

The Instrument Adjusting Process

What to Expect?


Prior to your instrument adjusting treatment at Restore Wellness Center in Sudbury, MA, we will start with a consultation to ensure this is the best procedure to match your needs. We'll discuss your spine and joint pain concerns and treatment goals. Once we determine this is the best approach for you, we'll book your appointment and create a custom treatment plan.

Instrument Adjusting Treatment

During your session, your practitioner will have you sit in the Pro-Adjuster 360 chair and get comfortable. They will then begin operating the computerized instrument to measure your affected joints and tissue and apply the adjustments necessary.  

Next Steps

After your session, you will be able to discuss how you feel with your practitioner, get your questions answered, and schedule any follow-up sessions needed.

Prior to Your Instrument Adjusting Treatment in Sudbury, MA, Restore Wellness Center Recommends:
  • Eat and Drink. Eat a light, healthy meal high in protein before your appointment, and drink plenty of water in the few days leading up to your session.
  • Light Exercise. Go for a light walk prior to your appointment to loosen up your joints for your adjustment.
Following Your Instrument Adjusting Treatment in Sudbury, MA, Restore Wellness Center Recommends:
  • Follow Instructions. Your practitioner may give you stretching exercises or instructions for posture improvement to keep up with after your session.

Frequently Asked Questions

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